Create sophisticated surveys in minutes

InstantSurvey is so user-friendly you can create even the most complex survey in minutes. Powerful features help you gather the reliable data your organization needs to make critical decisions.

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Design the most effective surveys with our survey creation wizard

  • Create surveys in line with your brand standards – customize every element of your surveys and thank-you pages by choosing colors, type font and sizes, and graphics
  • Import questions and responses from Word documents into our Quick Text Import wizard, so you can start collecting data in minutes
  • Easily embed audio, video, images, URLs and other media types into your surveys
  • Create mini-templates of your most frequently asked survey questions
  • Dig deeper into key questions with branch logic and skip patterns
  • Keep your respondents motivated during longer surveys with our progress bar
  • Create more complex surveys with our open scripting architecture

Add power and flexibility to your surveys with our advanced functions

  • Randomize or rotate the order of questions or responses within a question to prevent "presentation bias"
  • Choose from 10 response types, including constant sum, rank order, and matrix tables
  • Use multiple response types in a single question (e.g. radio buttons with an open-ended text box for "Other")
  • Pipe response data from previous questions to customize the survey experience for your respondent

*All descriptions listed are in regard to InstantSurvey Pro capabilities. View our features page to identify the differences in capabilities for InstantSurvey Basic.


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