Distribute Surveys Quickly And Efficiently

InstantSurvey offers the power and simplicity to distribute and manage surveys — regardless of the size of your audience.

  • Set up and save sophisticated distributions for re-use of future surveys
  • Import an unlimited number of email addresses and validate them instantly as you import
  • Link participants to your survey with a pop-up URL from your Web site or distribute your survey via email
  • Personalize email invitations – to inform respondents of the survey topic therefore increasing response rates and ensuring a quality respondent experience.
  • Embed survey in an HTML email invite – single page surveys answered quickly with out having to open a browser.
  • Preload respondent data to enhance analysis
  • Option to make responses anonymous
  • Automatically unsubscribe respondents from distribution lists
  • Schedule automatic reminders to boost response rate
  • Enhance security with an optional SSL encryption and ballot-stuffing prevention
  • Manage lists of ongoing survey recipients, track survey history, select a random sample, and prevent over-surveying
  • Receive immediate notification of dissatisfied customers with triggered email alerts

Need help finding respondents for your survey?

Let us know the audience you want to reach and we’ll show you how we can help with our network of global online panel providers.

*All descriptions listed are in regard to InstantSurvey Pro capabilities. View our features page to identify the differences in capabilities for InstantSurvey Basic.


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