Tips on moving items around in your survey

Within the Edit Survey page, there are really three main ways to move your survey items (such as text boxes, categories, questions, responses, etc.)

  • Move up / move down
  • Move to...
  • Save as mini-template

All of the options can be found on the left-hand side menu that appears when you click on any particular survey item.

Move up / move down

This option allows you to move an item up or down one location at a time. You can move an individual response or a question with its responses, or even an entire page. This works best when only moving a couple spaces within the page.

Move to...

This functionality enables users to move items to other pages. You simply select the option, and then choose the page number where you want it moved. Then choose whether you want to move it to the top or bottom of that page.

Save as mini-template

This functionality works a lot like copy and paste. Simply save the survey item(s) as a mini-template, give it a name, and then add that mini-template back in elsewhere within your survey.


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