Report on your survey results: The Power to Know. Now.

Designing your survey is the first step of your research project. The real value of your information lies in the efficiency of reporting, and the format used to deliver the data. InstantSurvey not only helps you collect the best data possible, it also provides you with real-time reporting and analysis in a variety of formats. Now you can provide all your internal audiences - from managers to executives—with the information they need to know right now.

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Presentation-quality report styles:

Click a link below to view an example report style.

Real-time reports and custom report builder

  • Wizard-driven chart builder
  • Easy-to-use report text editor
  • Exclusive One-Touch Filtering™ lets you drill-down into the data on any online report, just by clicking on a response.
  • Option to include or exclude N/As and hidden fields
  • Combine data from multiple distributions for easier analysis
  • Apply complex filters (includes both "and" and "or" conditions)
  • Choose the report threshold for anonymous surveys (report won't show if fewer than three responses)
  • Share custom datasets with others in your workgroup, so they can do their own reporting and analysis
  • Multilingual reporting for global operations

Multiple data download formats

Copy and paste graphs into other applications, such as PowerPoint. Export data to Excel or external databases in .xls, SPSS, CSV or fixed-width formats.

Report URL publishing

  • Send specific data to a designated email address (e.g., send department related data to department head)
  • Tamper-proof URLs safeguards data
  • Option to enable or disable One-Touch Filtering

Secure report portal accounts

Share the link to any of your survey's online reports without providing access to your account with a view-only option.

*All descriptions listed are in regard to InstantSurvey Pro capabilities. View our features page to identify the differences in capabilities for InstantSurvey Basic.


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